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Who am I?

The famous question that now I do with my heart

Ei, seja muito bem-vinda (o)!

Hey, be very welcome! I am very happy to share this space with you. My name is Suellen, from Brazil, soma breathwork instructor, mindfulness practitioner and founder of Intime. I can say that I am fascinated by the opportunity to immerse myself in the immensity of challenges that exist in this puzzle called LIFE. If you are here it is because, in some way, you also think, imagine and feel that YOUR LIFE IS MUCH MORE THAN YOUR SURFACE THOUGHTS. So, my congratulations on your courage to dedicate a few minutes of your day to disconnect from the outside world and find the answers within yourself to make your journey the best possible life experience.


Well, I could spend yours here talking about how I go to soma breathwork and how it changed my life, but I swear I`ll try to be brief (I said “try”). I always looked at everything with a positive perspective, always thinking that, being natural, myself and keeping being lively and engaged, would be the best way to live for real, and that would be enough. As a good piscean, I always put colour even on problems, thinking doing that I would feel less. In most of my life, in my head, I believe that stress, anxiety would never be a problem, after all, I was always very cheerful, motivated. I am one of those who sees the glass half full. My body, in the other hand, communicated something different: I felt a lot of insomnia, my eyes pulsed faster all day, my body was always tense, my mind didn`t stop for even a second. But everything ‘normal’ after all, in the corporate world in which it was inserted, if you don`t have the feeling that you are going to explode, or that your day is driving your crazy, something wrong is happening to you.  Say that you have time? No way! In Brazil, in the corporate world, you have to be busy, stressed, with ‘no time to breath’. There: ‘no time to even breathe’, it`s a famous expression that we use in Brazil when we feel overwhelmed. And honestly, that was my favourite expression, because, in fact, at certain times of the day, I found myself holding my breath involuntarily during a meeting or delivering a report. The peak of stress happened in 2016, two days before my civil marriage and our move to Germany. The muscles in my face froze. According to the doctor, just stress, but.. okay, after all, I was going through some changes. Prescription ( for everyone): a medicine, some pills,a muscle relaxation session and everything is fine, because it is ‘normal’ (for everyone). But this prescription bothered me a lot, because something in me said that I could and I had the capacity to deal with these challenges in a much better way, and of course, enjoy the best moments in life, completely, in the way I have already described above and which I believe it should be. But, even with my certainties, there was an insecurity. And, of course, I did what many of us do:  We look for answers outside! Most people overcome those by looking for ideal job, the ideal body, the perfect things, the ideal vacation, the best car and so on,  but with me, nothing worked. Two years later, already exhausted, and aware of my stress, I started to believe that living in this state was the only way to achieve things and live life, that there was no way out. One day, however, when I shared this feeling with my husband while we rested on the couch, a recommendation appeared on Youtube for a breathwork session. My husband said “Let`s try, it seems cool”. At the time I wrinkled my nose, “to be breathing with attention for the next 10 minutes? You must be joking”.  I judged, I pondered, but something led me to plunge into the challenge. Then we both dived in and, 10 minutes later, BOOM! For the first time in 29 years, I experienced the power of my breath, my body completely connected. To this day, I have no words to explain what the first session was. So, I won`t explain, but, YES, my BREATH was all I needed to trust, to know, to explore and to have control back of my own life in my hands, of all myself. For the first time, I left my mind, connected with myself entirely.

What I can say is that it was liberating, profound, exciting, rewarding. I recognized myself in my entirety, I reconnected, I aligned myself with my essence.

And the best part: from that moment on I started to explore breathwork much more until I understood that I could, after all, have even control of my nervous system, my body, just by BREATHING; and that stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, fears, monkey mind and other disorders of our time could be relieved , monitored through my breathing.

It was all there, all the time, inside me, for free, 24 hours a day. I just needed to access…

The passion for breathwork is so great that, today, it has become my profession, and I have  found it to be the mission of my life, that is, to guide other people, who also want  access thus gift of discover your own life  mission (how many can do that?), understanding that breathing is the bridge to explore, live and achieve the best of life. Therefore, stress, anxieties, bad nights, busy mind, self-criticism voice can be relieved when you just allow yourself to BREATHE.

Breathing brings calm, serenity to make decisions clearly.
How to be calm, act with common sense under the effect of daily stress? Impossible.

But when you bring your breath back to your home, for you, it promotes balance, between mind and body,  gets in touch with your bodily intelligence, allowing the energy flow, letting go all the t emotions, patterns and thoughts that  no longer belongs to you and makes room the  LOVE,  CREATIVITY,  FOR WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOU IN LIFE. One breath at the time is all you need to find answers, to change, to make amendments, to feel fulfilling being and to live better and happier, because we all deserve it. With love,  Suellen


10 years advertising agency experience in client services roles;
Coaching and Mentoring by the University of Warwick UK;
Mindfulness program fosuced on Stress Reduction (MBSR) by the School of Mindfulness UK;
Breathwork instruction trained by the SOMA Therapeutic Breathwork Institute. Based on the Pranayama technique;
Regular participation in Breathwork and Mindfulness retreats;
Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training Program (MBSRTT) for professionals by the School of Mindfulness UK. (on going).