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Breathwork facilitator and Coach

I believe that your breath can set you free. I have witnessed that by myself, that the breath can release stress and anxiety, create space by letting go all the layers that are holding you back from your truth and develop self-awareness, love, and a peaceful connection between mind and body.

If you‘ve ever said…
‘’My mind is too busy’’ or ‘’life is too stressful’’
Then Soma Breathwork is for you!


To connect through

Enhance your ability to learn, make changes, build resilience and increase your capability to cope with challenges and build a balanced and happier life. Read More

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Unleash your peak performance by leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet: Your Breath. Supercharge your immunity & all aspects of your LIFE. Read More

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The power of just being right here and right now. Improves well-being and increase your capacity for reshaping your brain, creating more mindful and healthier connections. Read More

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What our participants are saying about us

Ellen Amaral

The program is amazing and transformative. My daily life was full of anxiety and my mind was very restless, especially before bed. Nowadays, after the practices, I find myself light, aware of my own body and giving priority to the presen! Learning that breathing is connected to the quality of my thoughts was a game changer.

I am grateful for this welcoming experience. Quality of life renewed every session.


Marco Antonio

I got to know Breathwork through Suellen.

I have been practicing meditation for a long time and any knowledge that deepend the stillness of the soul, of peace, attracts me. I’ve know Suellen for years and I know her seriousness and responsibility when proposing something.

But I was surprised. I took several classes with Suellen and the results were great. To the point that onde day I had an attack of back pain ( I have herniated lumbar disc) and I informed Suellen as mu concentration would be limited by the pain. She then did a session aimed ai minimizing this discomfort and the result was excellent: my pain passed.

As someone with experience in meditation and related exercises I was very impressed with the Breathwork technique,and, even more with Suellen`s competence and knowledge.


Karen Cucco

I attend weekly classes with Suellen and I can say that the benefits of the practices  are explicit in my routine.

My creative abilities were expanded and this mainly reflected positively in my career and personal life.

On a physical and mental level I am very happy to witness and evolution in my interpersonal relantionships as I have developed clearer ways of communicating. It is possible to fell that the benefits generated during a session such as  stress reduction, a sense of stillness and clarity are sustained throughout the day as it is an inside-out experience.

Luana Bertochi

I took Suellen`s course at a stresseful  time in my life, I felt pain in my body and especially in my hand.

After a few weeks, my hand didn`t  hurt anymore, my sleep improved, my stress eased and my mood improved!

Understanding the importance of breathing and how we can use it to our advantage at critical times in our day has made all the difference in my routine.